[Tweeters] ID by one feather?

Anna Coles acolesmauve at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 25 21:46:03 PDT 2011

Hello, Tweetsters,

I got a glimpse of the back of a bird in a forested area off Highway 97 between Toppenish and Goldendale (in the state park?); my friend took a picture of a feather, which might be from the mystery bird. (I can find out location more precisely if needed.) The time was late September 2011.

Here is what I saw: a large bird (around Peregrine Falcon size--definitely larger than a crow) flying away from me, overall solid dark slate blue/gray. It was in a mixed pine/fir forest, to my recollection. The wings seemed long to me, but not pointed like a falcon's wing.

If you send me an email message, I can forward the image of the feather to you, if you want to try to ID the bird. That email address is acoles at uw.edu.

Anyone have an idea what the bird might be?

Thank you,
Anna Coles

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