[Tweeters] FWD: Ferruginous Hawk on Cameron Lake Rd (Okanogan County)

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Wed Oct 26 15:43:10 PDT 2011

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Subject: Out of town report- Cameron Lake Road Washington
From: "Thor" <thormanson AT yahoo.com>
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2011 21:19:24 -0000
Hi birders: Yesterday I had to drive to Wenatchee for the day, and decided to
take the scenic route, as the weather was great.

About 5.5 kms south of the last light in Omak, is the turn off for Cameron Lake
Rd, which winds its way up onto the eastern plateau of the Columbia River
Valley, and goes south,eventually coming back down to highway 97 north of
Brewster. It passes through a Ponderosa Pine grove, which can be good for White
headed Woodpecker, which regrettably didn't make an appearance yesteday. After
the pine area, the landscape opens up, and theroad turns to dirt, although well
maintained. After dipping on the woodpecker, I resigned myself to a nice drive
through the gorgeous scenery. However, before too long I found myself staring
at a beautiful Ferruginous Hawk, flying south, along the ridge line, which was
followed by a single pole-sitting Northern Shrike. Coming back down towards
highway 97, I flushed 26 Gray Partridge that were walking along the side of the
road. I know both the guys that are doing ABA big years this year, are either
looking for this bird, or shortly will be. However, although the habitat looks
great, I have no idea whether this is a depnedable area for this bird. If
anyone knows, I can always pass the information along.I know one of the guys
has already looked in 3 states for this bird without finding it. Cheers, Thor

Thor Manson
Gallagher Lake, B.C.

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