[Tweeters] Marymoor Park Report (Redmond, King Co., WA) 2011-10-27

Michael Hobbs BirdMarymoor at frontier.com
Thu Oct 27 14:30:42 PDT 2011

Tweets - despite the fog, we had a pretty good day at Marymoor today that
featured several notable sightings. Generally things were quiet, but not
all the time!

The big highlight was a NEW PARK BIRD - an AMERICAN DIPPER was at the weir.
I never expected to see a dipper on the calm, deep Sammamish Slough, but
maybe because the water level is unseasonably low and thus the weir and
rocks below the weir are yet to be covered in deep water, a wandering fall
dipper found the area attractive. We saw the bird just before 9 a.m., and
Lillian texted me that it was back at the weir around 10 a.m.

Matt, on his early morning owling, had a GREAT HORNED OWL in parking lot G,
and heard BARN OWL. Then, after 7:30, while was joined by Brian and Scott,
they enjoyed a SHORT-EARED OWL along the fence just south of the east kiosk.

Other highlights:

Cackling Goose Hundreds, mostly hidden in the fog
WESTERN GREBE Out of place, also at the weir
MOURNING DOVE One at the Pea Patch
Northern Shrike An adult at the Compost Piles
Common Raven Mobbed by crows
Varied Thrush Heard near the mansion early
WH.- THR. SPARROW THREE, together, east of 3rd dog beach
Evening Grosbeak One on the ground near the windmill

Gulls were back, with at least a few MEW, RING-BILLED, CALIFORNIA, and

A RIVER OTTER was seen well across from the Rowing Club dock.

For the day, counting a heard-only Downy/Hairy, 60 species.

[My day list at Marymoor this morning was exactly the same (55 species) as
my bird list for three weeks in Prague (we returned yesterday). Four
species were on both lists, and I believe 15 genuses (geni?) were in

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