[Tweeters] Port Townsend-Admiralty Inlet

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Fri Oct 28 10:13:43 PDT 2011

The sea birds are returning to Admiralty Inlet. While standing on the rocks for a couple of hours trying to get flight shots of a small flock of Harlequins fishing in the tide rip the following showed up Thursday morning. Three Long-tailed Ducks flew by the Point going west. Over 275 Pacific Loons going in and out. One Red-throated Loon and a few Commons as well. No Yellow-billed yet. The Red-breasted Mergansers have returned with 50-60 flying by. Also seen were Marbled Murlets, Common Murres, Bald Eagle, Surf and White-winged Scoters, Horned and Red-necked Grebes, Pigeon Guillemots, Rhinoceros Auklets, Pelagic and Double Crested Cormorants, Glaucus-winged and one Heerman's Gull.

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