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I took a group of Vashon people for a bird tour down to Nisqually for the
first for me since they opened the dikes and changed the trails. It was an
extremely good trip for birds and the new trail set up is quite good. As
usual, it was very pleasant and nice how others present shared their
sightings. One person pointed out the bittern we saw and Shep Thorp pointed
out where the usual Wednesday group found good birds. We saw at least 58
species with some very good highlights:

Snow Goose, great looks at a single bird hanging out with Cackling Geese

Cackling Geese, at least a thousand presenting close views. For some
reason, Vashon doesn't seem to get many Cackling Geese, not even overhead
migrants like we do with Snow Geese and GWF Geese, so it was fun for us to
sees these birds.

American Bittern, one slowly hunting the edge of the pond around the corner
from the visitor center at about 5 meters

Great Egret, one often being chased by a GBH

Peregrine Falcon, an adult anatum and a juvenile tundrius sub-species,
perched for good views; also a Merlin rocketed through

White-throated Sparrow, and six sparrow species: Lincoln's, Song, Fox,
Savannah, Golden-crowned and Juncos. All but the Savannah and the juncos
were singing. The White-throated really through me off until I actually saw
it. I haven't heard them sing very many times.

Ed Swan


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