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Hi Dee and all,

Interesting to me as well that there is a flurry of sightings.  I had a Mourning Dove each day feeding with the other ground feeders October 9th through the 13th - it (presumably the same one) would show up for about a half an hour each day.  Haven't seen it since the 13th.  Previously, I've had only two records of them - both fly-bys - at our house, or anywhere else in our neighborhood.  We had our first Eurasian Collared-Dove here earlier this year as well, but have only seen that bird four or five times total since then. 

John Tubbs

Snoqualmie, WA

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Just thought I'd mention that my dad e-mailed me in mid-Sept (with photo) about a Mourning Dove taking up residence in their yard/neighborhood in SW Seattle in August, 3 weeks before.  First time they'd seen one (lived there over 40 years) and it had been lingering mostly around their house since its arrival.  Having never seen one in Western WA myself (lived all my life here) I found it interesting, since I'd thought (the few times I thought about it) that they were only east of the mountains.  A check in the bird book and on-line disabused me of that notion, however, it is still not a regular event in the Puget Sound Basin, as far as I can tell.  Am interested to hear what folks have to say on this. 
Dee Warnock
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