[Tweeters] White winged Crossbill - Ferry County

Terry Little terry at crossoverchurch.info
Fri Oct 28 17:39:23 PDT 2011


This morning I birded the northern part of Ferry County along hwy 20, with
most of my time being spent along Albian Hill Rd. The highlight was a brief
but good look at two WHITE WINGED CROSSBILLS. They were located about 7.5
miles up Albian Hill and about 200 yards before the entrance to road to the
Old Stage Trail. Also in the area was a juvenile Golden Eagle that flushed
right off the road, and numerous PINE GROSBEAKS (30 plus). A little lower
back down A H road was an AMERICAN THREE TOED WOODPECKER and three
different flocks of Red Crossbills. Clark's Nutcrackers and Gray Jays were
present as well.

There was not much at Sherman Pass, but a Ruffed Grouse did cross the road
near the Sherman Pass overlook. Chestnut backed Chickadees and Brown
Creepers were seen on Fritz Creek Rd. Two BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS were in the
Haag Cove Campground.

Back in Stevens County, there were two Barrow's Goldeneyes just off Key
Point. A Merlin flew over while passing through Kettle Falls. Seems like
they are always here in the winter. Two rather late Western Bluebirds were
still hanging around along Farm to Market Rd south of Chewelah and three
Rough legged Hawks fed with Northern Harriers along Betteridge Rd south of

That's about it.
Terry Little
Mead, Wa

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