[Tweeters] Clarke's Grebe and Pelagic Cormorant, Woodland Bottoms, Cowlitz County

Jeffjendro at aol.com Jeffjendro at aol.com
Sun Oct 30 14:30:39 PDT 2011

Found one winter plumage Clarke's Grebe in a mixed raft of grebes (Western
and Horned) and ducks (Scaup, Bufflehead and others) in the Columbia
River. The orange bill caught my attention. The eye was on the border of the
black, not fully in the white and it just had a somewhat different
appearance than the Western Grebes in the same scope view. It was viewed from a
spot on Dike Road across from the farm workers apartments.

While watching three otters in the Columbia River just south of Whalen
Road on Dike Road I had a fly by of a Pelagic Cormorant. All dark bird with a
skinny looking head and neck and thinner, pointed bill than a Double
Crested Cormorant.

For those interested in seeing Sandhill Cranes, there were several
hundreds in the fields off of Caples Road.

And, on the Dike Access Road at the north end of the Woodland bottoms the
was a large flock of American Pipets.

Jeff Jendro
Longview, WA
_jeffjendro at aol.com_ (mailto:jeffjendro at aol.com)

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