[Tweeters] Hooded Mergansers & Belted Kingfisher

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Speaking of the Hooded Mergansers Stephen Hubbard mention I found at pair at North Seattle Community College yesterday thanks to a tip from Edel Shine. There was also a Belted Kingfisher there fishing and doing quite well. I enjoyed watching both species using the same area of the pond. The Hooded Mergansers came up with the same type of fish the Kingfisher was getting.

I also enjoyed some nice shows of the full hood opened up on the male. I went to NSCC specifically hoping to get some decent photos of the Hooded Merganser. I ended up with a pictures I'm really proud of for both the Hooded Mergansers and the Belted Kingfisher.

If anyone is interested you can see a few pictures of the Hooded Mergansers and Belted Kingfisher at

I prefer the slideshow mode for larger viewing

Doug Schurman
NE Seattle

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Saturday afternoon late I went to Gazzam Lake (Bainbridge Island) on the Gazzam Lake trail and sat at the bench on the west side lake access. At first all I saw was lots of Widgeon and a few Coot. Then I saw 2 female Mergansers in the weeds; I thought Commons at first. But out of the weeds came a beautiful male Hooded Merganser who swam around with them and gave me a great long look through the scope.
Dale and Regina Spoor came along and watched them with me for a while. We all got up to leave and a bit up the trail I realized I'd left my phone behind (with iBird on it). I went back and noticed there were now 2 males and a few more females. I set my scope back up and watched until almost dark as one by one more Mergansers came out of the weeds and a small group flew in. At the end there were 7 males and 15 or so females (and maybe 1st-years?). The males did a great display. They lifted their heads up and did a bobbing or nodding motion with their heads, showing off their crests with the big white patch to great advantage. There was some fast-swimming and a bit of chasing as well. This went on for at least 15-30 minutes. The whole thing seemed to happen as the light was fading (the sun was down by then) which seemed to make the flock feel safer. It was the best I'd ever seen Hooded Mergansers, which are in my opinion one of the prettiest birds we get here. Hopefully they'll stick around the lake for further enjoyment.
Stephen Hubbard

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