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Sun Oct 30 14:16:55 PDT 2011

A family of Barred Owls (up to 4 chicks reported by some observers) fledged at the Windermere Beach Club in August or Sept 2011. Was lucky enough to get a bit of video which is on YouTube (compared there to the Barn owls at Mag Park Firestation tower. The difference in their calls for food was quite different. Also noted was that the Barred owl chicks were not shy at all. They would fly down to a post while you were sitting 10 ft away. Neighbors saw them nightly for several weeks and while I never heard anyone say they knew where the nest was, we suspected it was on the Villa Academy school property. This is all just a few blocks north of the Laurelhurst Beach Club and about 2 miles from the Montlake Fill so maybe related.

See this link to the Owl fledglings; (Both the Barred Owls at Windermere Beach and the Barn Owls at Magnusen Park


Steve Reed
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