[Tweeters] Vancouver Lake/Bottoms and Ridgefield NWR

Hy-bird re_hill at q.com
Sun Oct 30 21:20:13 PDT 2011

Spent all morning with Bob Flores, Steve Mlodinow and Bill Tweit at
Vancouver Lake and Lower River Road, then a few hours afternoon on
River S Unit at Ridgefield NWR.

First, I found what I'm nearly certain was the Vermillion Flycatcher
discovered last week on River S. No scope view but the color pattern,
size and posture were consistent. It was perched at the top of a tree
beyond Stop 11, looking south into South Big Lake, about 150 yards
from last week's location. Unfortunately two peregrines became active
right after I first saw it and before the scope was ready, and it was
gone (headed south in escape mode) and not relocated during the next
40 minutes. Lots of trees to perch in that are out of view. About
200 dowitchers were on Rest Lake. Species are recorded on the Friends
of Ridgefield NWR website under weekly sightings. They also had
flyover Western Bluebirds at the Carty Unit of RNWR

The morning was full of geese, including 600+ Snow Geese using cropped
fields. Five grebes (incl Clark's and Red-necked), all three
mergansers, a Spotted Sandpiper, Bonaparte's Gulls. I believe Bill
will be putting on eBird.

Randy Hill

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