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Roger Windemuth relocated the VEFL this morning on the River S Unit of Ridgefield NWR (and got a great photo!) , and it was seen this afternoon at 2:30 and 3:30 in a bare tree just beyond the cable gate where the road turns back to the east, looking south into South Big Lake.  Decent weather forecast for the next two days.  Please remember that you need to remain in your vehicle, and the speed limit coming down the hill to the bridge and going around the auto tour route is 15 mph.  There are adequate turnouts and space to pass if everyone remembers to  use one side of the road rather than stopping in the middle.

Randy Hill


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I was at the refuge this morning for two hours.  I was able to see the Vermilion Flycatcher at pretty much where Randy said it was, Marker #11.  It did fly to the cattails, fairly close to the car, so I was able to get some fairly decent pictures of it.  If interested you can see it at the following address: http://photos.lumiscapephotography.com/Birds/The-Passerines/1105516_pBbQfh#1559738610_QM5vn5P


I believe it is a first year that probably got headed in the wrong direction and didn’t know when to stop.




Roger Windemuth


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