[Tweeters] ......Vermillion Flycatcher--Ridgefield NWR this afternoon. 10/31

geraldham at comcast.net geraldham at comcast.net
Mon Oct 31 21:47:14 PDT 2011

...............Drove around the tour route late afternoon ( about 4:30 p.m.) as part of my volunteer contact station--route patrol today. Saw  the Vermilion Flycatcher  at signpost 11 at the gate there--west end of Rest Lake---1st perching on the left post, then perching on the top of the right post, then as on the middle of the top bar, before flying northwards. I heard it call but was not able to relocate hi m again. A short but nice close view. It was a juvenile.

............./Rest Lake was loaded with winged creatures-----zillions of Canada Geese. Several Sandhill Cranes  among the geese and out in the fields and 16 Tundra Swans in the midst of many ducks(unidentified species due  to a lack of a scope in my possession).As I watching what appeared to be 80-90- Long-billed Dowitchers came flying in several waves.to settle in among the geese. The Swans, Geese and Cranes sang a lovely symphony together on a beautiful, sunny but cool afternoon( accept for a shower in mid-afternoon.)
.............Good to see the Swans starting to arrive back.   .............Gerald Hamilton

                                                                                                         Brush Prairie, Wash.

                                                                                                         geraldham at comcast.net


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