[Tweeters] Ancient Murrelet, Anacortes

Barry Ulman ubarry at qwest.net
Mon Oct 31 23:53:28 PDT 2011

Hi Tweets,

Today (Monday, 10/31, Halloween), I went to Washington Park, Anacortes, on a very pleasant afternoon with hardly any wind, making water birds easy to spot. Not a whole lot of action, but I did manage to spot an ANCIENT MURRELET out in the channel. Saw the bird in several locations in the water (I really think it was the same bird in several locations, not several ANMU's.). At one point the bird came close enough for me to get five mediocre photographs that were good enough for I.D. --- a lifer for me!

Also saw about five MARBLED MURRELETS, maybe fifteen RED-NECKED GREBES, a female HARLEQUIN DUCK real close to shore, some SURF SCOTERS, and about five HORNED GREBES, as well as some kind of dolphins breaking the surface in mid-channel.

Barry Ulman
Bellingham, WA.

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