[Tweeters] Sandhill Cranes at Nisqually

Marc Hoffman tweeters at dartfrogmedia.com
Wed Sep 14 10:36:04 PDT 2011

Hi Tweets,

I'd love to drive down from Kirkland in the next day or two and
photograph the Sandhill Cranes.

Has anyone else on this list seen or heard about them? Any idea if
they're still there? Anyone going to look in the next day or two?

Marc Hoffman
Kirkland, WA

At 08:40 AM 9/14/2011, Sue Trevathan wrote:

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>Yesterday afternoon around 4:15 pm six Sandhill Cranes landed in the

>field south of the twin barns, joining a small flock of Canada

>Geese. They were still there when I left the area around 5. The

>Nisqually office was closed by then so I wasn't able to confirm if

>these birds had been reported earlier.


>Sue Trevathan

>Vashon Island, WA




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