[Tweeters] Tacoma area birding.

Ryan Shaw rtshaw80 at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 23 11:56:04 PDT 2011

Greeting all,

I've been checking out various sound vantage points today and have had some success.

At Dash Point Pier
5 common terns
600 Bonaparte's gulls
1 parasitic jaeger
5 red-necked phalaropes
And the surprise for me were two whimbrel which flew right over the pier calling loudly.

Browns point had 3 more common terns

The black-tailed gull was being obvserved by several borders when I made a quick stop there at 1030.

Point defiance at Owen beach had a flyby parasitic jaeger and a close fly by sanderling.

Now for a lunch break.


Ryan Shaw

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