[Tweeters] Wood Ducks, Turkey Vultures and Osprey

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I've had the pleasure of observing/spending time with and videotaping more than 200 Wood Ducks on a friend's property east of Bellingham.
She has numerous nesting boxes on her 100 acres with ideal habitat that includes 3 ponds.

She also feeds them quite well.

Joe Meche

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I'd call it a noteworthy number. I've seen Wood Ducks all my birding life and
ll over their range and have never seen that many together! The largest number
ever saw was perhaps 20 spread out over a couple of sewage ponds along hwy 14
ast of Vancouver, WA, one day. I was impressed by that. Maybe southwestern WA
s an especially good area for the species.
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n Mar 31, 2012, at 10:13 PM, Carol Riddell wrote:

> On my way home from Portland this afternoon I took time out for a walk in the

ields on the Dike Access Road near Woodland. There were hundreds of Cackling
eese, lots of Mew Gulls, one Osprey in a tree near the Columbia (my first of
ear), and a gathering of 30 Wood Ducks, mostly drakes but with a few hens. I
now this is not a noteworthy number but it is probably the largest flock I have
een, so it was personally noteworthy and a delight to my eyes. At milepost 27
n I-5 I noted two Turkey Vultures, my first of year for Western Washington.

Carol Riddell
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