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Here are some parts of a email I just got from the Sonoran Joint Venture

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service), is in the process of
evaluating the Yellow-billed Cuckoo (Coccyzus americanus occidentalis)
west of the continental divide for listing as a threatened or
endangered species, with critical habitat, under the Endangered
Species Act of 1973, as amended (Act).

The Yellow-billed Cuckoo, west of the continental divide, has been
determined to be a distinct population segment (Western DPS) of the
species and has been a candidate for listing under the Act since 2001
(Federal Register: 66:38611; July 25, 2001). The Western DPS of the
yellow-billed cuckoo is a riparian obligate historically known from
parts of the 12 States west of the continental divide. We are in the
process of evaluating information south of U.S./Mexico border for
potential Western DPS inclusion.

We are gathering and analyzing available information on the species as
part of our process in developing a proposed listing and critical
habitat determination, including information south of the U.S./Mexico
border. We are seeking Yellow-billed Cuckoo information and data on
the following:

--The current and historic distribution, abundance, and density of the
yellow-billed cuckoo, including survey information;
--Breeding, migrating, and wintering bird locations, dates, and
associated habitat outside the U.S., including Mexico and South America;
--The inadequacy of existing regulatory mechanisms to protect the
--Ongoing and potential threats, including natural or manmade factors,
affecting the continued existence of the yellow-billed cuckoo and its
--Past and current yellow-billed cuckoo conservation efforts,
particularly those efforts that may benefit the species which are on-
going or being planned;
If any of you have something you would like to contribute let me know
and I will send you all I've got, which isn't much.

Larry Schwitters

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