[Tweeters] Red-throated Loon running on shore

Rachel Lawson RWLawson at Q.com
Wed Apr 4 10:33:13 PDT 2012

Dear Tweets,

I answer the email at Seattle Audubon, and on March 27, I received one from
Marty Kramer, who saw a very interesting Red-throated Loon behavior. Marty
observed the loon on the incoming tide on the Union River at Theler Wetlands
in Belfair. Three times, he saw the loon run out of the water to pick
something from the mud, and then run back to the water. I have never seen
or heard of a loon running around on the shore, so I asked Marty's
permission to post this on Tweeters. Marty and I would be very interested
to hear what the rest of you think. Here is his description of the

On all three occasions the loon would swim toward the shore, then turn away,
going back and forth, as if looking for something on the bank. This pattern
would continue for a bit, and then the loon would turn suddenly, swimming
rapidly toward the shore. When it did reach the shore it would run up the
bank and deliberately grab/stab at something in the mud bank, flop down on
breast/belly, get back up, and run back into the river. I could not capture
if it had grabbed anything in a photograph.

Marty did get one photo of the loon standing up on its feet. I don't have a
place to post the photo, but I will be happy to forward it to anyone who
would like to see it.

Rachel Lawson


rwlawson at q.com

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