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I can not figure out how you have come to the conclusion that all birds that were banded and there have been no further reports for...have died because they were banded! Certainly there are alot of other mortality causes out there! For example, there may be alot of bands that will never be discovered and reported, in the vast expanse of the boreal forest, from banded passerines that had been killed by raptors! This is just one alternate "conclusion".

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Hi Folks,

I have gotten a good number of responses to my post, and I would like to keep getting more.
The responses have been on both side of the fence. Those that have been for banding birds mostly say that there is no harm to the birds.

My response to that is: all banders and researchers will not report any death caused by netting or banding.

If a bird is banded and never seen again, then it has to be that the bird died because of being banded and it cannot be disputed because there is no evidence to the contrary. So if every person that bands a bird can account for all the birds where a bouts, then they should do so, otherwise those missing birds have died because of being banded, only the lucky survive. And that is an absolute fact!

I was sent a link to a website where one person has banded 50 dippers, but can only account for one. 49 died just to watch one grow old. How fortunate is that?

Keep the comments coming, I would like to hear from everyone.

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