[Tweeters] good day in Spokane, Lincoln Counties

Terry Little terry at crossoverchurch.info
Fri Apr 6 16:06:57 PDT 2012


Today I mostly birded Lincoln County, except for a quick but worthwhile
trip through the West Plains of Spokane County. Here are the highlights of
the day.

Spokane West Plains: SANDHILL CRANE (9 along Ladd Rd, south of Thorpe Rd),
Wilson's Snipe. N Rough Legged Hawk, Mountain Bluebirds (2 pr nesting along
McFarlane Rd).

Reardan Audubon Lake: 2 male Eurasian Wigeons, 6 Cinnamon Teal, 5 Greater
Yellowlegs, Sharp shinned Hawk, bazillion Marsh Wrens

Davenport Cemetery: Western Bluebird,Varied Thrush, Great Horned Owl

Old Kuck's - Mayberry Rds (SW of Davenport): many N Rough Legged Hawk.
displaying LONG BILLED CURLEW (plowed field along Mayberry Rd, 1/4 mi east
of Rocklyn Rd), Sage Thrasher (Jahn Rd), Savannah Sparrows (many), Mt

Swanson Lakes Area: Greater Scaup, Dunlin, Say's Phoebe,Northern and
LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE, Sage Thrasher, Mountain Bluebirds (everywhere), Vesper
Sparrow, N Rough Legged Hawk (many)

Lincoln (along the Columbia River): Turkey Vulture, adult GOLDEN EAGLE, 2
PEREGRINE FALCONS, White throated Swift, Canyon, Rock, and Bewick's Wren.
Horned Grebe.Say's Phoebe, large flock of Pine Siskins.

That's it
Terry Little
Mead, Wa

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