[Tweeters] White Crowned Sparrows back?

Kimberly Mason kz at tds.net
Sun Apr 8 14:23:39 PDT 2012

I only have WCSparrows in my yard from April to the first of June. I live in the country, about 65 miles west of White Pass.

The White-crowned Sparrow will be featured as my Bird of the Week. I'd be interested to hear from others (y'all) about your experiences with this sparrow. Do you see them? When? Where are you?

Apparently, according to BNA, some migrate, some do not.

Kimberly Mason
Cinebar, WA
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I've read a number of posts saying it's nice to have White-crowned Sparrows back. I didn't think they migrated.

Barry Ulman
Bellingham, WA.
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