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Doug Schurman doug at bodyresults.com
Mon Apr 9 21:08:27 PDT 2012

Hello All,

I could use some advice.

I'm taking a family trip to the Big Island in about a week and will have
some time to bird on several days. I have never birded in Hawaii before. I
will be spending time on both sides (Hilo and Kona) of the island. I'd love
to see the endemic species as well as any other species I wouldn't normally
see in Washington. One website I viewed suggested the following 10 locations
to bird.

1). Aimakapa Pond

2). Hilo Ponds

3). Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge

4). Volcanoes National Park

5). Pu'u Anahulu

6). Waimea Plains

7). Pu'u La'au

8). Manuka State Park

9). Kealakekua Bay

10). Punalu'u Beach Park

I won't be able to go to all but should be able to make to half or more. I'd
love to hear you top recommendations from this list or any other spot that
was left out.

I understand there is an excellent book, Enjoying birds in Hawaii but it is
no longer in print and is pretty pricey. If anyone has a copy they would be
willing to lend me I would be most grateful.

All advice, suggestions and other resources to review would be most

Best regards,

Doug Schurman

NE Seattle

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