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I too was surprised last Summer when I observed a female robin sitting on a nest in a huge very visible tree cavity. My first thought was that it would be too obvious to crows or the resident Barred owls.

Dan Reiff

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I walked the boardwalk for the first time last Saturday. There was one Caspian Tern and one Great Egret out in the mud of McAllister Creek. I hoped for the Cinnamon Teal but didn’t spot them.

One thing I found interesting was an American Robin nesting in a cavity in a Cottonwood, visible just outside the entry door to the Education Center. The hole, where a limb broke off long ago, is fairly large and you can look into it and see the robin inside arranging nesting material. I suppose it’s not unlike many of the other types of “shelves” where robins often build their nests but it struck me that I’ve never thought of robins as a cavity nesters.

Kelly McAllister

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Observed my first Caspian Terns of the year, a pair, this morning at Nisqually. They were at the mid point observation deck on the boardwalk. Great day at Nisqually, FOY Terns, Great Egret, Sandhill Cranes, Cinnamon Teal, Adult Great Horned Owl, approx, 125 Brant and from there the usual suspects.

eBird checklist: http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist?subID=S10399007

Includes an image of the cranes.

- Regards

Tony Varela


South Puget Sound, WA

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