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D. Lewis debsstuff at comcast.net
Tue Apr 10 20:45:19 PDT 2012

Hi All

We spent the day in Ellensburg , Cle Elum and the Yakima Canyon last weekend.  As we left Cle Elum we spotted a couple of TV's along near the road by where the Teanaway River empties into the Yakima River.  We stopped to watch them only to find 20 of them sitting in the trees,  that is the most we've seen at one time.  Further down the river just before the conversion dam we looked at a nest and found a great horned owl.  She was fairly easy to see from the road and in an area where she can't be bothered.  She was along the river, we thought we could get a better look from the other side of the river but there's no access to that area.


We were disappointed to drive by the owl nest on Reecer Creek Rd and didn't see an owl there.   I don't know if this nest failed or maybe they started early.


Driving along  Hungry Junction and Look Rd there was a several Wilson's snipes.  They are fairly easy to find in the area - just look for a wet area with grass and the snipes will be close by. 


Along Wilson Creek Rd we saw two rough legged hawks - maybe they are late to migrate out?


Near the Yakima Canyon the ospreys are back in force.  Most of the nest platforms are spoken for and we saw some nest building.


Sorry I don't have a mile marker on this but we found another great horned owl nest along the canyon  - almost to the big parking and boat launch area near Rosa Dam.  She was on the river side and the nest is easy to see from the road.


There are lots of swallows out now, a few eagles spotted along the way.  There was a fairly large flock of sandhill cranes flying over the end of the canyon on the Yakima side.  We didn't follow them but they may still be in the area.  We wanted to see some pelicans but we didn't  go that far south.


Have a good evening!

D. Lewis

North Bend, WA


debsstuff atcomcast dotnet


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