[Tweeters] Banding - Time to stop this thread which has gotten personal and ugly

MARY SAWATZKI jernestw at att.net
Wed Apr 11 21:01:15 PDT 2012

Dear Reginald etal,
I agree. In this world I can count many citizen scientists. It does not matter
that they do not have fancy college degrees or are fortunate to have jobs that
will recognize their involvement nor awards to testify to their contributions to
the general knowledge of animals, birds and plants. One of our "local birders
of notes" is a house painter. His observations are legend in the greater San
Francisco Bay area. We respect him and enjoy his company. Our tent is vast
here. Noting the general state of affairs regarding the precarious state of our
environment at this time we are more that happy to have any and all join in. I
am personally just a little more than frightened with the divisive trend of
thought of this thread. Let's all get back together and try to give this little
planet one more chance. It's nice to be nice. Let's restore dignity and
respect to all even the most humble.

Mary Westlake
Central Berkeley, Ca.
jernestw at att.net

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Subject: [Tweeters] Banding - Time to stop this thread which has gotten personal
and ugly


List managers, please stop this increasingly acrimonious and fruitless debate.

I am an ornithologist who has been working in Hawaii and the Tropical Pacific
for many years. On some of the projects I have worked on, some as a second,
third or fourth generational bander - we have had birds that have been banded
more than 50 years ago, re-banded a time or two and are still viable reproducing
members of their species. I can without having to look at records state that I
have many birds that we track that have far exceeded the normally life
expectancies of the published literature. This topic is similar to the ones that
decry the collection of bird specimens - to no resolution.

In my humble opinion this thread has exhausted any useful need to continue it,
and has now become personal and extremely ugly. I am a frequent visitor to your
great state and those surrounding you in which many of you bird. My experience
with Tweets has been fantastic, open, constructive and inclusive . Continuing
this debate does not reflect well on us in my opinion.

Reginald David
Rana Biological Consulting, Inc.
P. O. Box 1371
Kailua, Kona, Hawaii 96745-1371

329-9141 Phone
937-0124 Cell
rdavid at ilhawaii.net
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