[Tweeters] Spring counting at Malheur

Jerry Broadus jbroadus at seanet.com
Wed Apr 11 20:47:25 PDT 2012

After some 17 degree mornings, weather gradually getting more "stable," at least for the high desert. Lots of resident waterfowl, at Knox, Krumbo, OO brood ponds and Warbler Pond, and especially north Malheur Lake and flooded fields north of Mud Lake. Ibis started arriving yesterday, saw over 100 on Krumbo Lane (visible from overlook at the gate.) Road along Knox pond gave sighting of Swainson's Hawk. P Ranch in good form in mornings, with snipe winnowing all day and night, flickers and kestrels in copulation mode (including in that mode the turkey vulture gang). Scanning a mixed flock of Ross' and snow geese resulted in a sighting of a single minima cackler. Cormorants and G B Herons nesting at Sod House, no egrets yet. Many paired Sandhills to count, and locate with coordinates for GIS (using Google Earth on this IPad in the field to coordinate each pair--what did I do without this tool?) No warbler influx as yet, just a few yellow rumps. More avocets and B N stilts each day. Ruth Red Road still very good. Benson Pond is dry, mud flats had L B Dowitchers, and 5 trumpeters.

Jerry Broadus
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