[Tweeters] Marymoor Park Report (Redmond, King Co., WA) 2012-04-12

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It does seem to be an excellent year in general for "eastside" species
showing up in Western Washington.

This is without a doubt the best year for Say's Phoebes. I'm aware of
about 42 birds so far (90% from Clark, King & Skagit) including the
4-5 early birds that showed up in February. I believe this is about
double the tally of the previous best spring on record and they're
probably not done yet.

Mountain Bluebird numbers seem a bit higher than usual, though I'm not
sure about the numbers there yet

Other highlights so far that I've heard of:

2 Loggerhead Shrikes (Clark & King)
2 Sage Thrashers (Clark & King)
1 Sage Sparrow (Clark)
1 Brewer's Sparrow (King)
3 early Vesper Sparrows (Skagit & Snohomish)

It will be interesting to see what else this spring migration season brings.

Ryan Merrill

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> Are there more eastside/shrub-steppe birds showing up on the west side this

> spring or am I just noticing more posts?


> Randy Hill

> Ridgefield


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> Tweets - what a great week at Marymoor!  This morning was gorgeous and

> sunny, with a bit of ground fog early, but clearing to a sunny, WARM day.

> The rain held off until after we all got home.  It was fairly birdy, and we

> had some great surprises!


> Highlights:


> Wood Duck                   Several nice looks

> Pileated Woodpecker   Near windmill - great look

> SAGE THRASHER          1 at Compost Piles

> American Pipit              25+  on the parking field in the NE

> Or.-crowned Warbler    Only 1 - quite yellow (lutescens?)

> Y.-rumped Warbler       15+, mostly Myrtle's, singing

> BREWER'S SPARROW   1 at Pea Patch

> Lincoln's Sparrow         At least 2

> Wh.-cr. Sparrow           Heard 1 gambelii, rest were pugetensis

> Western Meadowlark   4+ in East Meadow

> Evening Grosbeak        Flock of ~6 flew west over Dog Meadow


> This was the 3rd record for SAGE THRASHER at Marymoor, the other two times

> being 17-Apr-2002 and 03-May-2007.  This was also the 3rd record for

> BREWER'S SPARROW at Marymoor, the other two times being 30-Apr-2000 and

> 09-Jun-2011.


> There were very few ducks and geese - maybe 30 birds total, comprising 7

> species.  Hummingbirds, on the other hand, were especially numerous, with

> probably 8 or more of each of ANNA'S and RUFOUS.




> CASPIAN TERN, and COMMON YELLOWTHROAT from Tuesday, that's 8 new species for

> the week, bringing the year list to 104.


> For the day, 65 species.  We've had 84 species so far this April.


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