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Yesterday 20 (or so) of us enjoyed a great day at Nisqually...no rain and
little breeze. At least until 12:30 or so. Now if migration would only
start it would be better. There was a 4.0 low tide at 11:40 so there was lots
of mud in the reclamation area.

Highlight included the GREAT HORNED OWLS, first of the year GOLDFINCHES,
and our first HUMMINGBIRD nest of the year.

The GREAT HORNED OWLS were visible from both sides of the twin barns
boardwalk, first from the second overlook on the way to the twin barns and later
from the Nisqually side. When seen from the twin barns side we had a
juvenile with an adult 10 feet or so above it. The adult moved behind the tree
and a bit later the second juvenile showed itself. From the Nisqually side
both juveniles were sharing a short branch.

Craig was a late in getting to the refuge and came out along the Nisqually
side and spotted the RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD female and her nest. As usual it is
difficult to see even if you know where to look. this one is in the
general area where the OWLS nested last year and is on a small branch hanging
over the slough.

The GOLDFINCHES were seen in the riparian area near the maintenance road
just south of the visitor center. We also had PURPLE FINCHES near the start
of the boardwalk.

Waterfowl are pairing up and several CANADA GEESE are on nests. We again
had an EURASIAN WIGEON out behind the twin barns and all three MERGANZER
species. CINNAMON TEAL were seen but no BLUE-WINGED TEAL yet. We did hear a
VIRGINIA RAIL near the start of the new boardwalk.

The only warblers seen were COMMON YELLOWTHROAT and YELLOW-RUMPED
WARBLERS. the rest of the migrants are still on the way.

For the day I had 56 species with several more added by the crew that
walked the new boardwalk.

Until next week when Eric and Shep will lead....

Phil Kelley
scrubjay323 @aol.com
Lacey, WA
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