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Rob Sandelin nwnature1 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 20:09:03 PDT 2012

Today I was reading Feathers by Thor Hanson and had put the book down to
stare out the picture window. (If you haven't read this, I HIGHLY recommend
it). A chickadee came wandering into view on the cedar tree. It bounced
out to the tip of the branch and then from out of nowhere was a blur of
motion from above and all that was left of the chickadee was a couple of
feathers that slowly drifted down. Somewhat stunned, I ran to the window and
below on the ground was an accipiter, not sure which one, who was just
taking off back into the shadows hence it came. Had I been reading I would
have missed the whole thing as it all transpired in the window frame in
about 2 seconds time. Life is short, pay attention.

Rob Sandelin

Naturalist, Writer, Teacher

Snohomish County

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