[Tweeters] Predators

drsybert at northtown.org drsybert at northtown.org
Fri Apr 20 14:00:44 PDT 2012

We've had one (or more) in our doing serious damage at feeders in our
neck of the woods for several weeks as Kim Mason mentioned, but evidence
is about all we had until Wednesday when I was home all day for a change
and suddenly saw a red-tailed hawk swooping through my yard. One or
more has been hanging out on my five acres for a couple years--I would
say he had a nest here, but so many of the things I report on this list
are discounted that I won't make that claim because I have not actually
seen the nest.

Anyway, there are many of them around here, and it is difficult to drive
through this end of 508 without seeing several flying, or drifting more
like, overhead. But I have not seen one so 'up close and personal' in
my "yard" until this week nor one moving so fast!

Kim seems to think the raptor attacking her birds is a smaller one, so
this may not be the villain, but still, it was exciting to have him so
near at hand--for me and for the little songbirds!


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