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After a morning of habitat restoration along the Duwamish (at a very cool
and relatively new site called "North Wind's Weir"), I decided to followed
up on Charlie Wright's report of an American Bittern along the 212th St
ponds in Kent. Amazingly, the first bird I saw as I arrived at the main
pond was an AMERICAN BITTERN that flushed from practically at my feet,
flying to the center of the cattails and reeds before alighting in its
cryptic defense posture. I watched it for a bit until something
insignificant in my periphery made me look up from my bins . . . no hope of
re-finding it after that! Remarkable camouflage. No Sora, but I tempted a
VIRGINIA RAIL out of hiding with my best impression of its repeated
"kek-kek" call. Also of interest in the area were 4 WILSON'S SNIPE.

I briefly stopped by the flooded fields on 204th, and found that there was
quite a bit more water in them than just a couple days ago. Seems like
this field has the potential to pull in some interesting migrating
shorebirds, but all I found today were several GREATER YELLOWLEGS spread
out among a large flock of GREEN-WINGED TEAL. A brief stop at Boeing Ponds
yielded the usual suspects, plus a flyover of 4 AMERICAN PIPITS that landed
in the field on the north side of the road.

A wonderful day to be outside!


Tyler Davis
FishingOwl at gmail.com
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