[Tweeters] Blue Jay in Yakima

Randy Bjorklund randimal at comcast.net
Sun Apr 22 10:03:44 PDT 2012

I made the trip to Yakima Saturday hoping to see my first Washington Blue
Jay. The weather was great and I couldn't help stopping at the Selah rest
stop to try and photograph some of the White-throated Swifts. I got
pictures, but not exactly high-quality. Those guys are..uh.swift.

I found the Blue Jay neighborhood and since there was a garage sale I
stopped to ask around. They were very helpful and since Mary and Kevin were
their next door neighbors, they told me I should stop by. Mary was very
helpful and pointed me to the areas where it was last seen. Eventually I
spotted the Blue Jay napping in a large evergreen (spruce?) across the
street. I let everyone know I had found it and we watched it for some time.
It didn't come out of its napping tree, but it did hop around a bit so I was
able to get a few OK pictures.

Thanks so much to Mary and Kevin for posting about it. I also put a couple
pictures online here:


Randy Bjorklund

Federal Way, WA

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