[Tweeters] Spencer Island today

JeffO jeffo4297 at wavecable.com
Sun Apr 22 18:52:49 PDT 2012

While we didn't get out very early, we had a nice outing at Spencer
Island. From the boat launch at Langus Park we walked the river and
then across the old center dike of Spencer Island. Rounding the south
end we were a bit disappointed to not find many passerines in the trees.
Of interest to us were four swallows, including tree, VG, barn and cliff
(a very healthy population under one bridge)
Low tide left us with distant views of the usual suspects for shorebirds
and other waterfowl. One lone late Coot was still there as well as a
Cinnamon Teal in with the Widgeon and GW Teal.
As usual there were lots of Osprey and we were able to watch some
hunting with at least one success.
A nice day to get out.
Jeff Osmundson

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