[Tweeters] Marked Red Knots in coastal Washington

Buchanan, Joseph B (DFW) Joseph.Buchanan at dfw.wa.gov
Tue Apr 24 18:16:45 PDT 2012

Please be watching for marked Red Knots when you visit estuarine or coastal beach sites in Grays Harbor and Pacific counties in the next several weeks. Over 700 Red Knots have been marked in Mexico in the last six years, and over 160 were marked at Grays Harbor in spring 2011. Smaller numbers of Red Knots have also been banded and marked on the breeding grounds in Alaska, in Russia, and at the Yukon River estuary in Alaska. We have been working with researchers in Mexico and the USGS to use sighting and re-observation data to evaluate site fidelity and to develop an estimate of the Pacific Flyway population of Red Knots (Calidris canutus roselaari).
Red Knots marked in Mexico (primarily at the Guerrero Negro-Ojo de Liebre coastal lagoon complex in Baja California Sur, but also including Golfo de Santa Clara, near the mouth of the Colorado River) carry yellow leg flags with embossed black codes. Some of these knots will also carry a small red tab on one leg to enhance detectability.
Red Knots marked in the United States (Alaskan breeding grounds, Grays Harbor) carry green flags with embossed alpha-numeric codes. Some Alaskan knots also carry geolocators, small lightweight devices that allow researchers to track the migration routes of individual birds.
Since 2007, we have observed over 25% of the Red Knots that were marked in Mexico. Red Knots banded in Russia (blue and white flags), at the Yukon River estuary (black flags) and at Alaskan breeding areas have also been observed in Washington during spring migration.
Please send all information regarding marked Red Knots to me at the e-mail address shown below. Important information to include: your name, date and time of observation, location, the color of the flag, the embossed code, and a count or estimate of the number of knots at the site. Photos of marked knots are greatly appreciated.
Joe Buchanan
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Joseph.Buchanan at dfw.wa.gov

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