[Tweeters] Othello Burrow Buried

Jim Owens jimo at brainerd.org
Mon Apr 30 10:05:13 PDT 2012


A Burrowing Owl roost near Othello that has been active for at least the last three years appears to have been obliterated during the past week. On April 21, at least two Burrowing Owls were present at the burrow, located on S. Steele Road between W. Lee and W. Cunningham Roads east of Othello. When I attempted to locate the burrow during the afternoon of April 29, I found fresh dirt covering the entrance to the burrow. There were no Burrowing Owls in the vicinity of the former nest site.

I had more success locating a Long-billed Curlew on my drive from Walla Walla to Seattle on Sunday. The bird was found off of Britton Road on the Eureka Flats northeast of Pasco. Other notable birds seen during my trip included several active Swainson's and Red-tailed Hawk nests in prominent trees alongside Lower Monumental Road as well as many Western Kingbirds in the same area. Para Ponds and Birder's Corner were relatively quiet late in the afternoon, though Cinnamon Teal and Black-necked Stilts were on display at Birder's Corner.

Jim Owens
Mercer Island

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