[Tweeters] 6 Snowy Owls and 6 Red-Necked Phalaropes. Ocean Shores.

Chris Warlow christopherwarlow at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 4 17:43:38 PST 2012

Another wonderful day at Ocean Shores.

The target bird was a Rock Sandpiper which would have been a life bird for my brother-in-law, visiting from New Jersey. We failed with this bird.

While looking for the ROSA at Point Brown Jetty we had magnificent views of SURFBIRDS and BLACK TURNSTONES. Then in flew six RED-NECKED PHALAROPES which landed inside the surf line right in front of us.

Then on to Damon Point for great views of six SNOWY OWLS. Great to see this beautiful creatures with no disturbance from aggressive photographers.

Lots of other great birds that are usual for Ocean Shores.

Chris Warlow

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