[Tweeters] Still winter at Ridgefield? VEFL

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Fri Feb 3 17:42:49 PST 2012

You wouldn't think it is the first week of February.  This afternoon in near 60 degree sunshine our VERMILLION FLYCATCHER returned to visible status.  Around 2:15 Alex Chmielewski found it actively foraging near stop 10 on the auto tour route on the River S Unit at Ridgefield NWR.  I was able to get out there later and found it around 3:40 about 100 yards short of stop 11 where the large  feeder channel  to Rest Lake comes off Bower Slough.  Looking toward the sun i t appeared to have molted toward adult pinkish underneath, but photos showed there is still plenty of yellowish from the  first year.

Also this week had some pair association with Black Phoebes near the area of nesting last year.

Remember, this is the first week of February, and we haven't yet seen the weather associated with another La Nina winter.

Randy Hill

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