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Mon Feb 6 16:23:39 PST 2012

Pretty common feeding technique for shovelers.  They do it to stir up whatever is in the water.  It's a real treat to see them at Ft. Steilicoom Park this time of year; some circling in pairs, and some groups of 15 or more, looking for all the world like kids on a merry-go-round. Good observation.

Rolan Nelson
Fircrest, WA
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Hi Tweeters,

We stopped at Nisqually yesterday on the way home from Portland.  Really nice day with lots of birds. 

At the Nisqually River Overlook there was a female Northern Shoveler doing a Phalarope imitation, swimming around and around and dabbling at the surface (rather than tipping up to get to the bottom.) I stayed and watched for sometime.  After awhile she moved about a duck length away and began spinning again.   I have never seen or read about this behavior before.  Is this common?  I have seen Phalarope but thought they were the only species that did this trick.

Puzzled in Cle Elum

Cricket Webb
birdnerd at inlandwireless.com   

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