[Tweeters] How to Flush a Snowy Owl

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Tue Feb 7 14:28:59 PST 2012

I joined the crowd at Boundary Bay last week to view the Snowy Owl
spectacle.  Like others have posted recently, the owls were amazing, but I was appalled with the behavior of some photographers completely
ignoring "don't leave the trail" signs and flushing owls repeatedly.  It was a hot topic of conversation on the dike all day, involving lots of
colorful language and frustrated observers.  I even met a birder from
Switzerland whose first words to me were "Can you believe this?", as we
watched a guy running toward an owl to get the shot.  Has it always been this bad, or has the advent and increased affordability of digital
cameras exaggerated the issue?
Check out this youtube video for a first hand look:


Keith Bagnall
Bellingham, WA
kebagnall at gmail.com
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