[Tweeters] seeking advice: passes to WA public lands

Pete Fahey peterfahey at comcast.net
Thu Feb 9 17:24:37 PST 2012

The new (2011) Washington State Discovery Pass works for all State Parks,
and Dept of Fish and Wildlife sites. $30.00 at the Park, $35 via mail, with
your Driver's License, and at sporting goods shops. I've never gone
anywhere that it doesn't work..yet!

The federal Senior Pass is good at all National Parks, National Monuments,
Bureau of Land management sites, National Forests, etc. Parks are free as
are many other sites, however, some places that do charge (BLM sites with a
fishing lake, for instance) offer a 50% discount to seniors. Again, I've
never been anywhere that I couldn't at least get a discount.

I have never found need for anything else for the places that I go birding.


Pete Fahey

Snoqualmie, WA

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So, just how many different kinds of passes are there to various public
lands in Washington State???

I'm sitting here looking at my auto license renewal form along with which
comes a Washington State "Discover Pass" option, $30/year for access to
state parks, DNR, and DFW lands, but maybe not quite all or not always
applicable. Not sure.

see: www.discoverpass.wa.gov

Pertaining to National Parks, I'm covered for life with the best deal of
all, the "Senior Pass" (one time fee $10 and good for the rest of my life
plus perks & discounts for anyone 62+).

As for the rest, like National Forests, winter recreation sites, and even
some 'wildlife area' areas, etc. where I've seen signs but I wasn't sure
what they meant. They just scare me off and I drive away. This topic comes
and goes on Tweeters from time to time and has over the years. For years, a
decade or more maybe and still confused, my simple solution was just give up
and not bother going anywhere at all, ...hardly even Seattle anymore which
requires an enter and exit 'pass' now in some cases. Of course I had an
excuse when I was out-of-state for months on end which is now no longer
necessarily the case.

So, apart from my National Parks good for life Senior Pass, it sounds like
the Washington Discover Pass might be a worthy investment. What else is
there where yet a different pass would be required or you would recommend?
I don't want to spend money unnecessarily on something I likely would never
use, yet It would be nice to be covered for 'everything' so I never have to
worry about it anywhere. I just don't know for sure what 'everything' is.

Thanks for your help and advice. There's probably others out there that
might find some Tweeters feedback helpful too.

Richard Rowlett

Bellevue (Eastgate), WA

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