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Fri Feb 10 10:10:23 PST 2012

In my ongoing work in the field of self entertainment, I'm currently working on a film project that to date has only been shown on that little screen inside my head. I think I've got some real good material !

The film is inspired by recent tweeter posts, and my own observations over many years, concerning disrespectful 'nature consumers' - you know the type: all rights and no responsibility. Whether operating among 'birders', photographers, hunters, rare plant and animal collectors, whatever group, this subset of hominids is primarily motivated by competition and greed. But I need them. I need them to star in my movie.

Decades ago I was on a field trip, I believe it was Seattle Audubon, to a peat bog out Issaquah way. I was near the end of the line of folks as we bounced and bobbed single file through this quaking sphagnum. I thought it was amusing watching the heads of my fellow naturalists as they rose and fell ahead of me as folks stepped up and over logs, ect. Then suddenly, one head disappeared! Some unfortunate had stepped into a sedge -obscured deep water hole in the moss mat. I think they hit some solid object and didn't have black bog water clap over their head, but they got pretty wet. They were OK though.

Apologies to the wet person, but it really was pretty funny to see, like any pratfall that doesn't happen to us personally. That incident was the inspiration for my new movie segment ' Snowy Owls'. In this scene, a particularly obnoxious owl photographer operating under the typical fantasy that others envy him for his equipment, steps into a marsh-grass hidden estuary channel which happens to be full of about ten feet of quicksand-like estuary mud, leaving nothing behind but his REI sombrero gently sitting atop the grass.

Then there's the " Ipod Abuser " scene, where two yahoo's lead each other, with Spotted Owl recordings, off a mossy cliff in a foggy Cascade forest, where they're stuck together at the cliff base in 5 ft of old -growth forest duff.

I've got more, but don't want to give away the whole show. Extras are needed but don't bother applying: I'll see you out in the field. This being a low-budget independent film, payment for stunt scenes will occur after services are rendered - if we can find you that is. And we'll really try. Really!

Jeff Gibson
filming in
Everett Wa
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