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Linda, at least some mammalian carnivores are known to shun herbivore guts full of plant material. You'd think they would just strip it out, but they don't. I wonder if this might be the case with some raptors also. I'll admit I don't recall which species show this or if it's an individual rather than species trait. Perhaps it even depends on whether the gut was full of material or not. And this shouldn't apply to the liver.
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On Feb 10, 2012, at 4:16 PM, Linda Bainbridge wrote:

> Several times over the past two years I have found rabbit intestines and sometimes the liver and stomach along with tufts of rabbit fur in the grass on our property. From what I've read neither a Great Horned Owl nor a coyote would leave the innards behind. Is that correct? If so, what animal might do this? I haven't seen any feral cats around here.


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