[Tweeters] Ilwaco/Chinook Dark Morph Red Tail? & Tailless Scrub Jay

Andrew Mattingly amattingly82 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 08:39:27 PST 2012

For the last month or so, on my way to/from work in Ilwaco I've seen what
looks to be a Dark Morph RED TAILED HAWK on the power poles. It's typically
been on the poles between the area between the KOA and Ilwaco on the poles
in the area- though today I did see it just before the KOA on the east. Has
anyone else who's been in the area seen it? My best guess is a Dark RTH,
but I haven't had a chance to get a good look at it to try to get a good ID.

Also of note this morning, was an interesting looking bird that I pulled a
U-Turn to get a better look at. Upon inspection it was a squat TAILLESS
Scrub Jay!

There has also been a Red Throated Loon at Black Lake along with Hooded
Mergansers, Western Grebes, Coots & at a large number Pied Billed Grebes.
The Yellow Billed Loon is still being seen at the Ilwaco Harbor as well as
the other loons, a juvenile/first winter Common Goldeneye, and Red Necked

(The Northern Mockingbird is still hanging around at my feeders in Astoria,
as well as a White Throated Sparrow)

Andrew Mattingly
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