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Dear Clare, I could find nothing about impacts on wildlife in any of
the SEIS papers on this link. I do not believe any study of wildlife
was done. Furthermore, I did not find anything about possible effects
of changing the drainage patterns of this field. The hydrology of the
landfill (and this field is part of the landfill) is very complicated.
We would not want polluted runoff entering University Slough, which
borders the west of this playfield. University Slough empties into
Lake Washington and provides good habitat for many birds of UBNA,
mostly waterfowl, marsh birds (including breeding Virginia Rails), and
riparian birds. I saw no study which compared runoff from artificial
turf versus runoff from sod. - Connie

On Feb 16, 2012, at 9:44 AM, Clare McLean wrote:

> Hi, all.


> Here is supplemental link I received from Jan Arntz-Richards:


> http://f2.washington.edu/cpo/projects/sepa



> Upon quick first glance, I don't see environmental impact on

> wildlife addressed in much detail here, but I could be wrong.


> Has anyone else gathered any other info worth sharing on Tweeters?


> Thanks,


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