[Tweeters] thistle feeder question

Messick, Katie Katie.Messick at kingcounty.gov
Tue Feb 21 12:19:40 PST 2012

Hi Tweets who feed thistle eaters,

I've had a wire mesh thistle feeder out for a few years, with occasional goldfinches hopping over from the sunflower seed feeder, but not much action. Until last month, when a pine sisken finally appeared, followed by another, and then three more, then five... you get the picture. So I got more seed and filled it up. Now that I have a gang of siskens, I also have a growing mound of thistle seed under the feeder -- it looks like at least half of the seed is being ejected onto the ground. Quite a bit slides out of the wire mesh when I fill it, so I know it doesn't take much to shake it loose.

Do other types of thistle feeders hold the seed better? Do those "socks" work, and do you have to replace them frequently (I imagine they'd rot pretty quickly in our winter climate)? Any other advice on keeping the feed in the feeder? I don't kid myself that there won't be some litter, but losing half the seed seems a bit much.



Katie Messick

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