[Tweeters] Seattle Times article regarding Barred and Spotted Owls

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Wayne and Tweeters,

Wayne I respect your opinion and also disagree with you.

The updated report addresses several important issues: opening more Old growth forest to harvest, if there is more Old growth then few decades ago, what areas are being considered for protection and owl harvesting, and the recent research quoted regarding Spotted owls returning to test areas where Barred owls were removed.

The government is inviting comments for a short period of time. Is this not at least important as the recent comments on the UW playing field, if birders and photographers should stand 75 or 100 feet away from owls or how to define the threshold length for Big-Honkin SLR lenses? I believe so and would be informed by thoughtful responses regarding the complex issues addessed in the report.

Dan Reiff

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Dan and Tweeters,

This subject was discussed at some length on TWEETERS about a year ago (early Feb. 2011), with some widely divergent viewpoints being expressed. I don’t think there would be any point in rehashing this issue again on TWEETERS.

Wayne C. Weber

Delta, BC

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Interesting update. What do you all think?

Federal Gov. plan for spotted owls targets its rival, the Barred owl.


Dan Reiff
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