[Tweeters] Yellow-billed Loon at Sequim Bay-30 December

Andy Stepniewski steppie at nwinfo.net
Wed Jan 4 07:52:05 PST 2012


Yellow-billed Loon was high on my wish list so, with the help of Vic Nelson
and George Gerdts, we hit spots they have had luck in the past with this

We started at Point No Point. Bonaparte's, followed by Mew Gulls were the
most numerous birds in the tidal rip. We had a nice selection of alcids
(Common Murre, Pigeon Guillemot, Rhinoceros Auklet, and Marbled Murrelet),
though no Ancient Murrelets. The target Yellow-billed Loon failed to swim
by, as it had several times during the prior week.

Salsbury Point was quiet so we headed north to Fort Flagler State Park.Winds
had picked up so the usual bird-peppered waters off the west spit were
someplace else. There were very few loons about.

Point Wilson was windy and birds few, too, so we headed west to Sequim Bay.

In the late afternoon, we hit John Wayne Marina on the shores of Sequim Bay.
George first spotted a distant YELLOW-BILLED LOON in the far northeast
corner of Sequim Bay. We headed to the Batelle Research Station where we
asked and were granted permission to scope the waters. The yellow bill was
much closer from this vantage so our scope views much more definitive.

Andy and Ellen Stepniewski
Wapato WA
steppie at nwinfo.net

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