[Tweeters] Hoary Redpoll on Samish Island

Ryan Merrill rjm284 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 08:53:58 PST 2012

On Monday Eric & Nancy Olsen and I covered Samish Island as part of
the Padilla Bay CBC. We were fortunate to encounter a few flocks of
Common Redpolls, totaling at least twenty birds but there were likely
more. In a particularly cooperative flock of eight redpolls at the
base of the hill on Blue Heron Rd there was a first-year Hoary Redpoll
that provided fairly close scope views for over fifteen minutes.
There are a lot of alder cones in the area so I expect at least some
of the birds may stay around awhile, though actually seeing them well
may be a challenge since most of the habitat other than at this spot
is on private land and is well off the road. I have a few pictures


The current issue of North American Birds has a nice photo essay on
identifying the four main races of redpolls that occur in North
America which features a bunch of great photos from the redpoll
invasion in the east last winter.

Otherwise there was an Eared Grebe off the DNR park and 34 Eurasian
Wigeon in a cursory scan of some of the closer wigeon in Padilla Bay.

Happy New Year,
Ryan Merrill

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