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Cross the border at Blaine and continue north to the exit that takes you to Tsawwassen (sp?) and the BC Ferries terminal and Point Roberts. Continue on this road (the Ladner Trunk Road) and turn left on 72nd Street. Drive to the end of the road; park and lock your vehicle; walk up to the top of the dike and look straight ahead....you'll never be the same, again.
If you're a REAL birder, hang on to your socks!

Joe Meche

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i heard from a member of the Grays Harbor A.S. that Boundary Bay is seeing quite
population of overwintering Snowy Owls. I would like to make a trip up there
o see them. As I am unfamiliar with the area, could you tell me the best
lace(s) to go?
Thanks for your help!
Kim Cornman Hawkins
K Photography

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