[Tweeters] Lacey Black Phoebe continues Saturday

Matt Bartels mattxyz at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 7 13:32:39 PST 2012

Hi Tweeters -
Just to follow up - today the Lacey Black Phoebe made another appearance, after waiting a long time for it to show up -- around 10:45, Grace & Ollie Oliver and I enjoyed views near where others have reported it -- on the first pond, near the shelter across from where you can first access the pond.

From Luhr Beach, we were also able to scope a Snowy Owl over in Nisqually

Matt Bartels
Seattle, WA

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> The Hogum Bay ponds BLACK PHOEBE made another appearance today. It flew into the pond area from the field to the north at 9:50AM. Initially, it landed between the first 2 ponds (1 large and 1 small pond). Then it flew to the larger pond and perched a few feet above the water near the shelter on the opposite side.


> When it flew in it was very vocal. After it relocated on the larger pond, it was vocal off and on as it hawked insects. I watched the bird for about an hour.


> This is the same place this Black Phoebe has been reported from earlier. Lacey, Hawks Prairie, parking at Hogum Bay Road and 30th Ave NE.


> Marv Breece

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